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Uganda being a landlocked country in East Africa, it is boarded to the east by Kenya, south Sudan to the north, and Democratic republic of Congo to the south-west by Rwanda and to the south by Tanzania. Uganda is mostly known of its activities of gorilla trekking where by Gorilla trekking refers to an outdoor activity where tourists are allowed to see mountain gorillas for one hour after purchasing a gorilla permit in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. In Congo there is an opportunity in viewing eastern lowland gorillas which are found in Kahuzi beiga national park.

The reasons to trek gorillas in Uganda

  • Uganda has the highest population of mountain gorillas.
  • Uganda is the most safe to visit
  • Mountain gorillas reach close to visitors
  • Cheap gorilla permits which are at $700 until the end of 2024
  • Adequate national parks to see mountain gorillas
  • Social , friendly and welcoming people
  • Adequate gorilla trekking sectors that results into visitor satisfaction in Uganda.
  • Other safari activities of nature walks, game drives in the Uganda’s national parks and boat cruises on the fresh waters of Uganda.
  • Gorilla trekking being cheaper in Uganda.
  • Uganda being the pearl of Africa makes it be best option to be visited.

Uganda, Rwanda and Dr. Congo have gorillas and there is a limited difference at the end of the trek however leaving other factors constant many things are being based on when comparing gorilla trekking between these countries, gorilla trekking in Uganda compared to Rwanda and Congo.

Best trekking time in Uganda, Rwanda and Dr.congo.

Gorilla trekking in Congo is cheaper to that of  Uganda and Rwanda, the differences comes in these three countries where by one wants to promote itself as a luxury country i.e. Rwanda while Uganda as an affordable destination  Congo trying to promote Gorilla tourism to attract more travelers after its affection of insecurities recorded. While Uganda marketing itself as the most affordable for gorilla trekking amongst the three countries.

The best trekking time of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, amongst all the three countries gorilla trekking is all year possible.

However the best months to trek gorillas are June to August and December to January since the rainfall received is low and the forests are free from mud.

Comparison according to accessibility, Rwanda’s volcanoes national park being of of greater sense than that of DR.congo and Uganda. Volcanoes national park is a 2-3 hours’ drive from Kigali making trekking happen within a short period of time which boasts attraction rate, people where running away from gorilla trekking in Bwindi due to the 6-10 hour drive from Entebbe national airport but now tours are arranged to Bwindi via Kigali which takes bit short time of about 4-5 hours.

Comparison in terms of best trekking options.

When it comes to the experience, though both shares approximately 98% chances of seeing the gorillas, Uganda is far better given the fact that more period is spent with the gorillas through the gorilla habituation experiences done only in Bwindi Impenetrable forest.

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