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Day 1: Arrival and city tour

After a morning breakfast at your hotel, go for a city tour in Kigali the capital city of

Rwanda, and visit many places including a visit to the genocide memorial Centre which

last week was listed a UNESCO world Heritage Site.

Day 2: Visit Ibyiwacu cultural village and continue to Mgahinga

After a morning Breakfast transfer from Rwanda Mgahinga through Katuna Boarder enroute visit this

place that offers you the chance to explore and experience the authentic traditional rural

culture of Rwandans, provides the opportunity to meet local people while in the

Comfort of their homes and so you have the taste of their cultures and different cultures

and transfer to Mgahinga forest national park for golden monkey trekking

Day 3: Golden monkey trekking and transfer to lake Mutanda and continue to Bwindi

Head for briefing at the park offices after morning tea or coffee and after head to start

the search for these beautiful primates that are rare .The experience will last for about 4

hours or less .you will be allocated in the presence of the primates .watch them play as

they feed on bamboo shoots and you will notice golden monkeys as they tend to come

Closer to you. And afternoon visit noon visit to lake Mutanda. You will enjoy an afternoon boat cruise or ride on a traditional canoe to explore this great lake. It has unique history that a local guide is always happy to share with you.


Day 4: Gorilla trekking and cultural tour.

Wake up at 6:00am for a warm cup of African coffee, prepare for your long-awaited

trek. At 7:00am, hike to the visitors briefing area, which is a few minutes’ drive from

your place of accommodation. Meet with the head ranger and other visitors for a

general briefing on the do’s and don’ts while conducting this memorable trek.

It is during this briefing that you’ll be allocated a specific group of gorillas to track

together with a ranger, guide and porter in case you need one to carry your luggage.

The trek starts at 8.30am with simple forest hikes through designated trails and

depending on the gorilla family, trekking experience can last for about 2-8 hours. The

trek may become strenuous depending on the weather and how far the gorillas have

moved, but the epic one-hour encounter with a habituated family is truly refreshing.

Later, return back to the starting point with fellow trekkers, meet your guide or have a

quick picnic lunch and in the evening, you may take a short tour to the Batwa

community to enjoy their stories, ancient culture and dances.

Day 6:Transfer from Bwindi to Queen Elizabeth National park

In the morning after delicious breakfast ,have a road trip to Queen Elizabeth National

park which is the second largest national park in the country spanning over 1978sq.km

and the most visited national park .it has the largest number of antelopes including the

Uganda kobs,while other attractions are the crater lakes ,big cats,big mammals like

elephants ,buffalos,hippos,crocodiles.others are spotted hynas,oribis,warthogs,chimps in

Kyambura gorge and also bird species like African morning dove, swamp nightjar, grey

headed kingfisher among others. Reach in the afternoon and do the evening game drive

where you will spot many wildlife as mentioned above .


Day 7: Game drive and boat cruise.

Take an early game drive where you will be able to spot lions, spotted hyenas, jackals,

leopards, elephants, buffalos, and different antelopes like the Topis, Oribis, bushbucks,

waterbucks, and Uganda kobs, among others. The game drive is rewarding as you drive

around the beautiful savannah plains for about 2-3 hours. Head to Ishasha sector where

you will spot tree-climbing lions.

After your buffet lunch, head for the boat cruise on Kazinga channel. The boat cruise

rewards you with sightings of rich schools of hippos, crocodiles, different bird species like

African fish eagle, grey-headed kingfisher among others as the buffalos, elephants,

warthogs on the banks of the river. After 2-3 hours of cruising, you will head to the

lodge and wait for your dinner that will be served at 7:30 pm.

Day 8: Chimpanzee trekking in Kalinzu Central Tropical Forest and transfer to Kibale

National Park and Amabere G’anyinamwiru caves exploration

Have breakfast, and proceed for an adventurous chimpanzee trekking experience in

Kalinzu Central Forest. Chimpanzees are very vocal and their location can be identified

by following their hoots and distant cries. In case they are quiet, their footprints (in mud)

and poop can help you to locate them.

Once you locate them, you will be able to watch them play, breastfeed, mate, rest and

even fight. The chimpanzees in Kalinzu Central Tropical Forest have a remarkable habit

of getting down the trees each time they see visitors. This allows for great photos from a

close distance. Apart from the chimpanzees, the forest exposes visitors to unique and

amazing biodiversity.

Visitors will have an opportunity to spot rare vegetation and tall tropical trees. The

forest is also home to other primates like baboons, monkeys, forest elephants

(Occasionally) and numerous birds. The whole activity takes between 2 to 3 hours.

Check out and immediately proceed with the transfer to Bwindi National Park in south-

western Uganda where half of the total mountain gorilla population can be trekked. This

park is also a hub of unique bird species like Ruwenzori nightjar, speckled mouse bird,

black kite, white-napped among others, other mammals in this park are elephants, red-

tailed monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, Vervet monkeys among others.


Afternoon, visit the Amabere G’anyinamwiru caves on the same route in Nyakasura

A bout 10km from Fort portal town. The area is full of history about the Bachwezi which

is related to the stalactites and stalagmites. After the visit, go back to the lodge for dinner and overninght stay

Day 9: Morning community / swamp walks in Bigodi wetland. Tour the crater lakes of

Fort portal.

Early morning after breakfast, you will head for a swamp walk in Bigodi wetland.

Bigodi wetland sanctuary harbors numerous species of butterflies, iconic birds such as the

great blue Turacos, small animals like squirrels, primates like olive baboons and Vervet

monkeys, colobus monkeys and mammals like the swamp dweller – Sitatunga antelope,


Depending on how long this will take, you will return to your lodge for lunch.

After lunch you may decide to relax at the lodge or take a leisurely walk within the

nearby crater lakes.

Day 10: Kibale National Park to Murchison Falls National Park

Transfer from Kibale national park in western Uganda to Murchison Falls National Park

– a journey taking 5-6 hours. Murchison Falls National Park; Covers an area of 3,893

Km² this particular park sits on the shore of Lake Albert, in northwest Uganda. It’s known

for Murchison Falls, where the Victoria Nile River surges through a narrow gap over a

Massive drop.in the evening, you will head for a sunset game drive; expect to encounter

numerous game, including elephants, Rothschild giraffe, wild cats, birds etc.

Depending on how long this takes, you will return to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay

 Day 11: Game drive and boat cruise on the Nile.

An early game drive in the northern sector which is savannah covered with beautiful

trees such as whistling acacia, Kigelia Africana, Borassus palm, among others. Expect to

spot animal like lions, leopards, herds of buffalos, hippos, giraffes, antelopes like

waterbucks, bushbucks among others. You will find your way to the hippo pool on the

Shallow waters of Albert Nile where you will be served with some fresh fruits. After 2-3

hours of game drive, you will transfer to the lodge for mid breakfast.

After lunch, head to the Nile for a boat cruise where you will be able to spot crocodiles,

hippos, among others, also birds like African darter, goliath heron, white-faced whistling

duck, African fish eagle among others.

The boat will take you to the bottom of Murchison falls and later you will drive to the

top of the falls, rewarding with an amazing scenery of both Uhuru and Murchison falls.

Listen to thunderous sounds produced when water with a lot of pressure ejects through a

small tunnel hence forming a rainbow. The driver-guide pick you later and transfer you

to the lodge.

Day 12: Transfer to Entebbe international airport and stop over at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Have your breakfast from the hotel and embark on a journey back to Entebbe

With a stopover at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino Tracking on foot. This is one of Uganda’s big five wildlife mammal.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a private, non-profit, animal sanctuary in Uganda. It proudly

harbors Uganda`s endangered Rhinos.

On arrival, you will be briefed and thereafter begin a rewarding on-foot Rhino tracking

Experience and continue to Entebbe airport to catch up for your flight or the hotel of your choice making the end of 12 days.


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