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Congo is located in central Africa.  Officially known as the Democratic Republic of the congo, the country has a 25-mile (40-km) coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. but is otherwise landlocked. It is the second largest country on the continent, only Algeria is larger. The capital city known as Kinshasa located on the congo river  about 320 miles (515 km) from its mouth. The largest city in central Africa, it serves as the country’s official administrative, economic, and cultural centre.

Why Should I Go?

There is something magical about the DRC. As a visitor to the DRC, time is spent climbing to great heights for epic views, having close encounters with some of the world’s rarest creatures, and wading through thick, wet rainforests in search of adventure.

Kyooma gorilla safaris offers the most extraordinary experiences and, by the very essence of its splendour and variety, deserves to be seen, appreciated and protected.

Is Congo Safe To Visit?

It’s possible to visit parts of the DRC safely. The safest and most tourist areas of the country are Goma, Virunga National Park and Bukavu in the east, and the capital Kinshasa in the west.

Where to Go?

There are only a couple of regions of the DRC that travellers can visit at present. One of these is the spectacular Virunga National Park, home to about a quarter of the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas. This is Africa’s oldest national park and is famed for its thick forest, towering mountain peaks and ancient swamps.

On the western side of the DRC is its capital Kinshasa: the world’s second largest French speaking city. It’s known as the heart of central African music, and the bars in Bandal or Matonge are worth visiting to sample the local nightlife.

Can I Go Hiking?

With its expanse of vast mountain ranges and thick rainforest, the DRC offers some top-notch hiking. There are lots of options in Virunga National Park, including various hikes to see the legendary mountain gorillas, but adventurous hikers will also want to tackle Mount Nyiragongo.

How to Get There And Around?

It’s difficult to obtain a visa for the DRC without having a tour booked through a reputable company. If you’re travelling independently, it’s best to book your accommodation, transport and activities in advance and use these details for your visa.

To get to Virunga, you can fly into Kigali in Rwanda and then take a three hour taxi ride to the Goma border in the DRC where your tour company will meet you.

If you’re heading to Kinshasa, you can fly direct with reputable airlines from Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Brussels and Paris.

What About Insurance?

Many insurance companies refuse to provide cover for areas under a travel warning, so if you already have a policy, check it’s valid in the DRC before you go.

There are a number of companies offering insurance for the DRC, including AMREF, which provide air ambulance evacuation services across the African continent, and Battlefield, which provide comprehensive travel and medical insurance for the region.

About Money & Spending.

The Republic of the Congo uses the Central African Franc (CFA) as its currency but safari travellers are unlikely to encounter it. Brazzaville’s international hotels and the country’s few wilderness lodges accept US dollars, GB pounds and Euros.

The rates for our recommended accommodation include all meals and drinks (with the exception of premium wines and champagne, and premium liqueurs and spirits) as well as a laundry service (underwear is not washed due to local customs). Any extra payments or gratuities can be settled in the above foreign currencies in cash at check out.

About Tipping.

Provided the service is good, it is customary to tip lodge staff and guides in the foreign currency of your choice. The amount depends on the staff member’s role and the size of your group enquire with one of our kyooma gorilla safaris Experts for in depth tipping guidelines.



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