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Congo is located in central Africa with apopulation of about 5.7million people ant is well known as one of the best Gorilla trekking destinations in Africa the involves two types of gorillas that are endangered that is the mountain Gorillas and the lowland gorillas.

Mountain gorilla.

These are the sub species of eastern gorillas (gorilla beringei) staying in warm mountains.

Lowland gorilla.

This is a quiet, peaceful and non-aggressive gorilla that never attacks unless provoked.

Gorilla trekking in Congo is mainly carried out in the areas of Virunga national park and kahuzi Beiga national park, these parks are located in the Albertine rift valley in the eastern part of the democratic republic of Congo

Virunga national park

This park is one of the eldest tropical rain forest national parks in Africa mostly known of mountain gorillas trekking in democratic republic of Congo amongst other activities of nature walks, bird watching, chimpanzee tracking and habituation.

About kahuzi national park.

Kahuzi national park was put in place in 1973 when it was ranked high in lowland gorilla trekking.

The park was gazette in 1970 and the first lowland gorilla trekking was done in 1973 and this type of trekking is only done here making the park to be ranked high.

The park has approximately 12 gorilla families where out of these only 2 families are habituated and are there open to be trekked. The families are called Chamanuka and Mugaruka where both were named after a dominant silverback.

Chamuka is the most famous to visitors being one of the largest gorilla family in the w0rld with over 37 gorilla individuals.

Gorilla trekking cost in Congo

Congo gorilla permits are at the cheapest price of $400 each. Whereby they are considered before allowed access to the gorillas in Congo

Gorilla trekking age limit in Congo.

The gorilla trekking age limit in Congo is 15 years. This age limit is governed by different government authorities that are responsible for management of gorillas in national parks.

In Uganda, all the gorilla rules and regulations are updated by THE Uganda wild life authority that is located a few kilometers away from Kampala city of Uganda.

Why at 15 years?

The main reason why gorilla trekking is at 15 years is that the youngest taletellers are considered to be children who may not be able to study negative reactions from gorillas and also penetrating into thick forests. Take note of a silverback charging when aggressive which can scare way children’s and when they run away, they end up forcing the gorillas to run after them.

More then, mature travelers are less likely to get carried away but more likely to follow and observe the trekking rules and regulations when in the park.

How to access Congo for gorilla trekking.

Gorilla trekking being done in Kahuzi beiga national park and Virunga national park which are both located in eastern part of Congo, you will fly to Kigali national airport then connect to Gisenyi town from Gisenyi then cross the Rwanda-Congo boarder to Goma town in D.R Congo then drive towards park headquarters of Kahuzi Beiga national park and Virunga national park from where you will do gorilla trekking. Its approximately 2 hours’ drive from Gisenyi town to the park headquarters.

Where to stay in Congo for gorilla trekking.

Accommodation in kahuzi beiga national park. Here it ranges from Budget-range to luxury.

Budget options includes Exodus bukavu, Hotel Hotel Begonias Bukavu among others fares range from 90-100dollars a night per person, mid-range options include Coco rodge bukavu fares range from 100-200 dollars a night per person and then luxury options include L’Orchids Safari Club fares range from 200-400 dollars a night per person. We will here by wait for your best option then we book for you accordingly.

Accommodation in Virunga national park. This ranges from budget-range to luxury

Budget options include Bukima tented camp and kibumba tented camp amongst others ranging from 90-100 dollars a night per person, mid-range option includes lulimbi tented camp and Tchegera tented camp among others fares range from 100-200 dollars per person then Luxury option includes Mikemo lodge fares range from 200-400 dollars a night per person. Kindly let us know the best option that works best for you. Book with kyooma gorilla safaris for the best services.

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