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Rwanda gorilla permits are documents issued to grant clients access to the gorillas in their natural habitat. These are presented at the park head quarters and allocated random gorilla group for their Rwanda gorilla trekking activity.

How much is a gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda?

A trekking gorilla permit in Rwanda is only at $1500 only.

Rwanda’s location.

Rwanda is located in central eastern Africa and is well known as the land of thousands of hills and mountains and further more Rwanda is the home of last few endangered mountain gorillas with Uganda and Congo.

Where can gorillas be found in Rwanda?

Rwanda gorillas can only be found in the volcanoes national park in Musanze.

Volcanoes national park Rwanda is not just a home to mountain gorillas but at the same time to five of the 8 Virunga volcanoes.

Rwanda gorilla permits can be obtained from a trusted travel agency or from the Rwanda development board where by 50% of the gorilla trekking fee can be refunded to tourists in case any sign of illness shows up in the due course of trekking exercise.

However sick people are not recommended to visit the gorillas due to the fact that the gorillas can be infected too by the human infectious diseases which can be a fuge threat to them as they lack necessary immunities to fight diseases.

How to book gorilla permits of Rwanda

Not like other gorilla trekking countries, gorilla trekking permits for Rwanda can be bought online through the Irembo portal. where the system allows you to pay credit card not going through any tour operator. After purchase, an email is sent as a reference that you have to present at the park the day you track.

However, there is a second alternative of going through the tour agency or the tour operator and let them take the lead that is organizing accommodation, meals, transportation amongst others. And this is the best option encouraged.

Best time to track gorillas in Rwanda.

The best time to track gorillas in Rwanda is in the dry season of June to September and December to February.  however, trekking can also be done in a rainy season though it requires better hiking boots, warm clothing’s, energy snacks among others.

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