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Rwanda hot air balloon was first and successfully launched on January 19,2022, under joint partnership cooperation between royal balloon Rwanda, Rwanda development\t board and akagera management company, the hot air balloon operates in akagera national park.

The royal balloon Rwanda operates 2 hot air balloons with a capacity of 4-6pax, this experience is operated at an altitude of 100-1000m over the savannah landscape offering nature lovers an ariel view of the big 5 (elephants, buffaloes, lions and rhinos.

The royal balloon has been in the tourism sector for over 30 years and its introduction came with a bucketful of sustainable tourism strategies and experience that supports wildlife conservation and contributes to the boast of tourism in Rwanda.

How much is hot air balloon experience in akagera national park Rwanda.

The cost of hot air balloon in akagera national park is USD250 for citizens and EastAfrican community. Foreign residents and diplomats pay USD 350 and foreign non-residents pay USD450.

who is allowed to experience the hot air balloon.

To take part in Rwanda’s hot air balloon, one should be within the age brackets of 6-12 years and charged half price.

How long does hot air balloon take?

Hot air balloon takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour though it will depend on the weather conditions and upon landing.

A reward of a champagne and a flight certificate signed by the professional pilot.

About akagera national park.

Akagera national park is located in eastern Rwanda with 2500 square kilometers of mostly savannah terrain. The park grasps its name from akagera river which flows along Rwanda’s eastern border with Tanzania. Akagera national park is Rwanda’s only savannah national park and the only area to view majority of wildlife species while on a tour.

Other Activities in akajera national park.

Game drives.

Visitors look forward to game drives in akagera national park where they get the view of all the wildlife species within the park as well as the wide environment that surrounds the park. This experience is always headed by a professional tour guide.

Boat cruise on Lake ihema.

Akagera national park is also drained with several lakes that serves as bird nesting grounds and more importantly helps on the boat cruses where aquatic life of hippos, crocodiles among others are viewed. The boat cruise costs around 180 US dollars per trip; however, the price varies most of the times depending on the season.

Bird watching.

Akagera national park is a renown bird destination. Birders will like visiting akagera national park since it has the endangered bird species such as the Shoebill, papyrus gonolek and other common species like the kingfishers, the African fish eagles among others.

Sport fishing.

The park provides sport fishing opportunities; however, you must first obtain a reservation with the park.

In conclusion, hot air balloon experience with kyooma gorilla safaris is what you shouldn’t miss on your bucket list, it’s worth the costs and enjoyable.


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