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The difference between gorilla trekking and habituation is that during gorilla trekking, gorillas visited are already accustomed to human presence, whereas during habituation, gorillas visited are not accustomed to the human presence. During the deaffrication of gorilla trekking and habituation, the price, experience, time length and are variety of other factors are considered as follows;

Gorilla trekking is the most famous activity for the visitors to view mountain gorillas in Africa. Half of the endangered mountain gorillas live in Uganda whew others are left in Virunga national park in the democratic republic of Congo and volcanoes national park in Rwanda. However, its only in Bwindi impenetrable national park where there are 96% chances of viewing both gorillas.

To do gorilla trekking, one must obtain a gorilla trekking permit witch a document that allow you access to engage in any gorilla activity.

Gorilla trekking activity normally begins with a briefing at the park headquarters and again ends at the head quarters as the successful trekkers are rewarded with the trekking certificates.


This refers to the long-term process where by researchers train the gorillas in the wild to become accustomed to humans so as not to harm them when accessing them for tourism purposes. This process normally takes a long time as the team of experts keeps monitoring the gorillas until they feel that the gorillas are ready to entertain the visitors.

Historically, gorilla habituation was introduced in Uganda in 2014, making 10 years since the activity was introduced in Uganda. A group of only 4 people are allowed in this activity per gorilla family.

Deaffrication between gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation.

In terms of pricing;

However much both permits are obtained from (UWA) Uganda Wildlife Authority, through your trusted tour operator, the prices defer that is a permit for gorilla trekking costs 700USD, while a permit for gorilla habituation costs 1500USD.

Time spent on the activities.

Trekking limits one to watch a habituated gorilla family for 1 hour after searching for it for around 30 minutes depending on the location of the entire gorilla family while habituation allows one to spend 4 hours with these primates in their natural habitats.

Number of participants per activity.

During the habituation activity, a maximum of 4 people are permitted to appear Infront of these endangered apes while in trekking a maximum of 8 people are allowed per gorilla group family.

What to pack for these activities?

For a successful gorilla trekking and habituation experiences, tourists are advised to pack the essential items like, long-sleeved shirts, waterproof hats, energy giving snacks, long trousers among others.

In conclusion, both gorilla trekking and habituation with kyooma gorilla safaris are wonderful and thrilling activities worth taking part in while in Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Here are the summarized rules and regulations for gorilla trekking and habituation; do not litter the park, do not use flashlight during photography will in the park, maintain a 7-meter distance away from the gorillas during trekking, do not eat or drink near the gorillas to mention but a few.

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