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Gorilla trekking permit is a crucial tool every trekker should obtain to be allowed to trek mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda or Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mgahinga national park is the smallest Uganda national park covering about 33.7 square kilometers. Its one of the only mountain gorilla habitats in the world neighboring Virunga national park in Democratic republic of Congo and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

The mgahinga gorilla permits are sold and issued by ‘UWA’ Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The cost of a gorilla permit.

Gorilla permits in mgahinga can be booked at US$700 per person for foreign nonresidents,600 USD per person for foreign residents and UGX250,000 per person for East African citizens. This permit allows to view the gorillas for an hour in the mighty Mgahinga national park. although mountain gorillas live in three countries of Rwanda in the volcanoes national park, Virunga national park in DR. Congo and Bwindi impenetrable national park of Uganda. The process of reserving a gorilla permit in Mgahinga is very easy, you just need to visit the Uganda wildlife Authority in Kisoro and make a payment of the passes or even one ca make payments through his or her tour operator.

What is included in the gorilla permit?

The Mgahinga Gorilla permits includes one hour of tourists viewing the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. The permit also includes park entry fees for Mgahinga National Park, this implies that there is no extra cost paid at the entrance of the park for trekking. However other activities apart from gorilla trekking are paid for separately.

This permit also includes security in form of the armed rangers to move all over the park during the trekking experience hence ensuring safety of the visitors.

Therefore, mgahinga gorilla permits excludes, transport, meals and accommodation in Mgahinga National Park.

How to check for mgahinga gorilla permits availability.

The gorillas are known to have 98% of the human DNA and implies that they are worth being watched. Mgahinga national park has only one gorilla family called the Nyakagezi family with is available for daily trekking. a group of 8 visitors are allowed to visit the Nyakagezi gorilla family per pay for only one hour after tracing or locating these gorillas.

Transportation to Mgahinga.

To Mgahinga national park, you are required to secure Uganda visa at USD30 at the airport or any entry border points into Uganda. The park can be accessed by road and its around 45 hours’ drive from Kisoro to the park. It’s at the park entrance where the gorilla trekking permit will be required.

Where to stay in Mgahinga?

Mgahinga has got a number of accommodation sectors where one can stay while on a gorilla safari or tour. most of the lodges are with in the park and others around the park. The lodges range from luxury to budget and these includes Gahinga lodge which is a luxury hotel of around USD400 per person a night, Lake murehe that serves as both mid-range and budget from USD100 per person per night.

However, some visitors prefer staying in the lodges and campsites in Rushaga sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park which is around a 1-hour drive distance to Mgahinga national park depending on the driver.

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